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Composite hydrogen tanks (type 4)

Envision that your means of mobility is based on hydrogen. Produced by Dutch renewable energy from the wind mills and without any greenhouse gasses. Our high pressure composite hydrogen tanks makes this possible. We will install the hydrogen tanks together with all the required appendages and smart meters for optimal performance. The smart meters will help you to keep track of the consumed hydrogen and adjust the system whenever necessary for optimal performance. We, as H2Storage, are here to give you a head start on your road towards a sustainable and prosperous economy.


14 kg

700 bar







Top of the notch

Currently the mobility market embraces many solutions to transport in an energy efficient way. We believe that the adoption of composite materials and hydrogen storage is the future for the heavy duty transportation and mobility sectors. Composite tanks occupy less space compared to batteries (e.g. electrical vehicles) and therefore result in more valuable free space that can be used for the transport of products. Thus, better for the environment and better for your wallet. Also, less total weight of the truck, due to the light weighted composite tanks compared to steel tanks, reduces the fuel consumption of the truck. Resulting in more covered ground by a single composite tank. Are your composite hydrogen tanks empty, then you can simply replace them or refill them at your desired location and time. The light weight composite tank is the top of the notch solution for the heavy duty transportation and mobility sectors.

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