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Making the energy transition happen!

H2Storage takes its responsibility

A better and more sustainable friendly future for everyone worldwide in a cleaner environment. We are convinced of the fact that if one has the opportunity to change the world for the better, they should take it. We also strongly believe that the energy transition towards a sustainable economy will be a matter of time as long as we all contribute and combine our forces.

Sustainable transport should be the only logical choice within the transportation sector.

Sadly there are still powerful companies that cherish prosperity over wellbeing. But we, as H2Storage, are ready to stand our green ground. We are ready to contribute our extensive knowledge and expertise and take the lead heading into a clean future. When all business are heading the same direction, it will simply be a matter of time before of a cleaner, greener and better environment arises.

Even though -particularly in the heavy duty transportation and mobility sectors- there are still doubts about the use of hydrogen, H2Storage is ready to address all your questions and take your worries away. In the end it should become an obvious choice to opt for sustainable transportation methods.

Cracking the vicious circle

Numerous solutions and methods exist to generate renewable energy affordably. However, the challenge is to store the abundant energy of these renewable energy sources in an efficient and affordable way. Currently lead-acid and lithium batteries are being used to store energy on a short term base. As regard to the long term storage of energy, there are still many researches being conducted to implement a reliable and viable method. Especially for the heavy duty transportation trucks and long distance busses it is essential to store the energy on a long term base. This way the trucks and busses can be fueled by green energy without their driving range being negatively affected.

That is why we strongly believe that the use of hydrogen as a long term storage method can be most valuable when implemented in the heavy duty transportation and mobility sectors. Till now the developments regarding hydrogen as an energy carrier were not advancing significantly. Mainly due to non-acceptable methods to store hydrogen safe, reliable and energy efficient. In turn a non-acceptable method for hydrogen storage opposes the developments regarding hydrogen as an energy carrier and hence the vicious circle.

There is an abundance of knowledge in the Netherlands. But only by working together we can keep the developments advancing.

We, as H2Storage, gladly take the lead to crack the vicious circle influencing the developments regarding hydrogen as an energy carrier. We have fulfilled an essential step towards a hydrogen economy by introducing the use of high pressure composite storage tanks to store hydrogen on a long term base. It is now time for others to stand up and take their responsibility for further developments. Simply gather your ideas and get started. Because, in the end, only by combining our strengths, the energy transition will be fulfilled.

Knowledge and expertise

We combined our years of experience gained from the energy, automobile and aviation sectors to develop a viable solution for long term energy storage. In the aeronautic sector it is a well-known technology to use composite materials for high pressure applications. Therefore, together with Airborne International B.V., who manufacturers composite pipelines for aviation applications, space and marine sector, the idea arose to manufacture high pressure composite storage tanks for the storage of hydrogen. By cooperating with Airborne International B.V. a feasibility study was performed regarding high pressure composite storage tanks. Eventually resulting in the establishment of H2Storage BV. H2Storage is facilitated by funding from the European Fund for Regional development (EFRO). Part of the development costs are also borne by Kansen voor West II and the MIT subsidy contributed by the province of Noord-Holland. The goal of the project is a certified tank that can be used for both stationary and mobile applications. The project will receive an EFRO contribution of € 782.160 and a MIT contribution of € 160.280. The duration of the project is from April 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021.


The Netherlands is a country with an abundance of knowledge. By combining all our (e.g. research centers, companies and entrepreneurs) extensive knowledge, we all contribute to make the world become more sustainable. The collaboration between the Technical University of Delft, Airborne International B.V. and Small- Medium-sized entrepreneurs (SMEs) indicates that the entire industry is convinced of the fact that hydrogen will play a key role in the sustainable future of extern transport (e.g. freight traffic), intern transport (e.g. forklift trucks), and passenger transport (e.g. regional and national busses). These collaboration(s) help to reduce our ecological footprint so that the future generations still can live in prosperity and well-being.

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