What is H2Storage

Storage of hydrogen within the heavy duty transportation and mobility sectors

From fueling nozzle up to the fuel cell

Envision that you can significantly diminish the carbon dioxide emission of heavy duty trucks, regional busses and even forklifts. Resulting in the fact that no more concessions are required regarding the driven range of the fleet and/or the weight of your cargo. Simply picture yourself moving on pure Dutch hydrogen!

We, as H2Storage, are here to guide you through the process of becoming more sustainable within the heavy duty transportation and mobility sector. This is simply done by implementing a complete modular package consisting of hydrogen tanks, appendages and a control unit applicable for trucks, busses and other means of heavy duty transportation fleets. We deliver and assembly the complete package required for converting your fleet -fueled by fossil fuels- into a hydrogen fueled fleet without the harmful emissions. We tend to deliver a storage method of renewable energy exactly where and when you need it so that you can excel!

Composite hydrogen tank (type 4)

Where others only deliver the hydrogen tank to you, we take it one step further! We deliver the complete package; hydrogen storage tank(s), control unit and all required appendages. A modular package that is applicable in heavy duty as well in busses. We install the entire system upon delivery. Our approach allows you to instantly start fueling your fleet and send them right back on the road. But now in a sustainable manner.

Mobile hydrogen filling station

Being on the road for many hours and days makes refueling a necessity. Would it not be easier when you can simply refill or replace the hydrogen tank(s) in your hydrogen fleet? Being able to refill your fleet at your desired location anywhere in the Netherlands or Europe at any time that is beneficial for you? Our mobile refilling station can help you to get the job done. The implemented smart controller ensures an optimal performance of the system in each of the many deployment areas, one of them is refueling your fleet. This way you can efficiently perform hydrogen refueling without wasting any energy.

Hydrogen container and (emergency)generator

A standard container containing tenfold of lightweight composite cylinders including the essential appendages. The solution to store locally large quantity of hydrogen, to transport large quantity of hydrogen and/or to use it simply as an off-grid (emergency)generator. We replace your old fashioned polluting diesel generator by a hydrogen generator. Allowing you to have power in a sustainable matter anywhere off-grid. Once again, we will make life easy for you by install the entire system upon delivery. We deliver and you plug the container into your desired application. It could not be simpler.

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How will your fleet run on a chemical product like hydrogen?

Hydrogen is not a renewable energy source, but rather a renewable energy carrier. It is an energy carrier that can store energy in the form of hydrogen, either gas or liquid. Hydrogen can be produced from fossil fuels such as lignite, that emits carbon dioxide. Or it can be produced from water through the process of electrolysis. By using the wind-, solar energy and a water source, hydrogen gas can be formed without any harmful emissions. This is also called green hydrogen. Below shows an illustration of the entire process from renewable energy source to hydrogen and back to usable energy.

Advantages of composite tanks

The advantages of hydrogen as an energy carrier are the facts that it is easy to store, easy to transport and easy convertible back to electricity for later. Our storage tanks are made of composite rather than the traditional steel storage tanks. Composite tanks are made of a combination of resin and fibers. The resin is the ‘glue’ that keeps all the fibers together forging a robust design. The combination of resin and fibers for composite tanks comes with the following advantages:



Due to the combination of resin and fibers.



Easy to install and low-cost to transport.


made shape

Allowing the tanks to endure higher pressures.


energy consumption

The lighter the material, less energy wasted during transport.



Larger hydrogen quantity to store compared to steel and aluminum tanks.



Higher pressure, larger hydrogen quantity, increase of driving range.

Worth the investment

The energy transition is ongoing. Council of the township Amsterdam has decided that starting from 2030 no fossil fueled vehicles are allowed in the city center. In Germany and Belgium, this regulation is already the case. Many more countries will follow towards a more sustainable future. But is your transportation fleet ready to cope with this rigorous changes? Or is your company going be stranded while the competitors move freely through the cities? Are you on the edge of renewing your transportation fleet? Then keep the following in mind: an investment towards a hydrogen fueled fleet will cost you more (in comparison to fossil fueled) now but will gain you much more in the future.

A pure Dutch product

By engaging more towards a sustainable future, we do not only differentiate ourselves from our competitors but also deliver a pure Dutch product. All our hydrogen based products, e.g. high pressure composite hydrogen tanks, mobile filling station and hydrogen storage containers are all manufactured within the Netherlands. Simply by combining the ingenuity of Dutch companies. By not importing any products or expertise from abroad, we can help reducing the carbon dioxide emissions in our own country. In other words, hydrogen produced by harvested wind energy in the Netherlands with the help of Dutch ingenuity. Assuring you that you are moving in a green way!

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