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Hydrogen container and (emergency)generator
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Hydrogen container and (emergency) generator

These days, in which the large difference between energy demand and energy generation during the year results in seasonal fluctuations, you would like to contribute to the next step towards a more sustainable future. A potential solution is to store surplus of energy in a chemical form, like hydrogen. Yet, you miss the connecting dot to store and transport large quantity of hydrogen. You are not the only one with this pressing question. We, as H2Storage, have developed a hydrogen container that allows you to store large quantity of hydrogen, transport large quantity of hydrogen from A to B and if desired or required to be used as a hydrogen (emergency)generator. With the aim of bringing hydrogen producers, hydrogen transporters and hydrogen consumers together towards a green future.

Fill weight

1400 kg

700 BAR







Versatile application

A standard shipping container, see picture opposite, containing tenfold of high pressure tanks and all necessary tubing and appendages. The container can be implemented to store large quantity of hydrogen seamlessly near a hydrogen production plant, at hydrogen filling stations or as seasonal storage within the urban environment. It can also be combined with a fuel cell to operate as a sustainable (emergency)generator for off-grid areas or areas with an unreliable grid. In other words, it is the solution for the heavy duty transportation and mobility sectors, the industry and the urban environment.

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