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Mobile hydrogen filling station
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Mobile hydrogen filling station

You are ready to make the switch towards driving on hydrogen, but at the same time you have concerns regarding the (re)filling of your fleet in a way that suits your company. Well, you are not alone but there is a sustainable solution. H2Storage has a mobile hydrogen filling station that allows you to (re)fuel your hydrogen fleet wherever and whenever it is desired. This mobile hydrogen filling station can operate completely off-grid. Simply to bring hydrogen producers and transport companies closer towards each other. All of this during the transition period towards a nationwide network of stationary hydrogen filling stations.

Fill weight

300 kg

700 BAR







Four deployment areas

The result (see picture opposite) is a BEV truck combined with a linkable trailer. The trailer consists of a multifunctional fuel cell, a smart controller, an off-grid AC generator and high pressure composite tanks filled with hydrogen gas. The linkable trailer can serve the following deployment areas: 1) transport of high pressure cylinders filled with hydrogen, 2) (re)filling of hydrogen vehicles at any location, 3) extending the range of the BEV truck and 4) an off-grid generator fueled by hydrogen.

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